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Live and Learn for Environment and Community


Vietnam is characterised by a mix of lowlands, hills and densely forested highlands and is one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters in the Asia Pacific region. The diverse geography means parts of the country are subject to annual typhoons or flash floods, prolonged drought or even extreme flooding in areas.

Despite progress on economic growth and poverty reduction, there are still regions of extreme poverty made worse by increasing income inequality, particularly affecting ethnic minority groups.

The country has also been working on the eradication of corruption and on strengthening good governance. All these challenges mean it is more important than ever to promote sustainable development.

Local and international organisations highlight the importance of building resilience against climate change and the ability to manage the risks of disaster for the local population. It is also vital to develop the agricultural sector in order to ensure food security and sustainable livelihoods.


Live and Learn for Environment and Community seeks to influence communities and policy makers on environmental conservation and climate change. It is a member of an international network that connects local NGOs concerned with sustainable development challenges.

The organisation, which was established in 2009 with its main office based in Hanoi, boasts a dynamic youth-centred approach promoting peer-to-peer education, empowering children and youth through environmental awareness and action, and facilitating networking and partnerships among diversified stakeholders from government, business and civil society sectors.

Live and Learn focuses on child- and youth-centred climate change response and disaster risk management. The organisation works on raising awareness, facilitating actions and advocacy, and promotes the need for an environment that allows young people to take on roles as active citizens, as well as community participation in addressing sustainable development issues.

Live and Learn has conducted a variety of education and environment programmes with and for young people across Vietnam, including cooperation with schools, communities and companies. In 2015, Live and Learn reached 22,000 beneficiaries, including 14,000 children.

Photo: Quoc Anh Tran